Become certified to deliver the "Out of the Fog" programme

For the past seven years, the 10-week “Out of the Fog” programme has been delivered via the ‘Mothers Helpers’ charity assisting women to recover from Perinatal Depression/Anxiety. Results of the course have shown that attendees' symptoms have reduced by 48% and 90% are completely well/recovered by course-end. With a heart and passion to help people “get out of the fog” of depression and anxiety, author Kristina Grace (previously Kristina Paterson) is wanting to make this programme available, affordable and accessible to any adult. If you are a qualified social worker, counsellor, psychologist or therapist, you can now train online to deliver this effective programme in individual or group therapy to your clients experiencing depression/anxiety.

Content of 10 week Course

1. Assessment with your Group Facilitator (a qualified therapist/clinician)

2. What is Depression & Anxiety?
3. Medication & Alternatives
4. Counselling (CBT)
5. Exercise & Diet
6. Risk Factors, Stressors & Triggers
7. Mindfulness, Meditation & Other Methods
8. Self-care & Self-esteem
9. Management of Long-term Depression & Preventing Relapse
10. Action Plan (Developing my Toolkit)

Author talks about Out of the Fog programme

Why train in the programme?

Gain better knowledge and understanding about depression/anxiety

Train in a programme that is evidence-based and effective

Gain hours towards your professional development portfolio

Training is easily accessible, online and you can go at your own pace

Feel confident that your clients will make positive changes and become well

Deliver the programme through individual or group counselling sessions

Be listed as a certified facilitator of the "Out of the Fog" programme

Client Feedback

“The [Out of the Fog] course is amazing and invaluable for anyone experiencing [depression/anxiety]. It provides practical and insightful content to help you discover more about yourself and get you on the road to recovery. I found it so informative. The holistic focus it takes helped me to identify various aspects of my life that needed tweaking to help me get well again. The caring and empathetic support I received from the course leader and other participants was amazing!” ~ Bridget Baker

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