Out of the Fog

Out of the Fog Training Package (Clinicians Only)

Out of the Fog Training Package (Clinicians Only)

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The "Out of the Fog" online training series provides you with all that you need to get you up and running this programme through individual sessions or group therapy sessions.  It is mandatory to purchase two supervision sessions with Kristina Grace as part of the package.  This is to ensure the effectiveness and reputation of the programme.  Therefore your purchase will include online training and two supervision sessions.

Upon purchase, you will receive a link providing you with access to 7 x videos plus bonus video on Gaps in Perinatal Depression/Anxiety, a copy of the "Out of the Fog" manual in PDF form, a template for creating a "Toolkit' for your clients and an introduction letter with an overview of the training and the programme by author Kristina Grace (previously Paterson).  The videos provide training for the clinician, not the client, and gives guidance as to how to navigate the 10-week programme using the "Out of the Fog" workbook as a resource to guide discussion each week and focus goals accordingly.

The 7 videos cover:

Introduction & Assessments

What is Depression & Anxiety?

Medication & Alternatives

Effects of Diet & Exercise

Risk Factors, Stressors & Triggers

Mindfulness, CBT & Other Methods

Post-Group Action Plan

Kristina Grace will make contact with you to arrange a first supervision session followng your online training and before running your first group/individual session using the programme.

Please note, the link you will be sent is not to be shared and all videos and documents are copyright to Kristina Grace (previously Paterson) and must not be shared or duplicated.  The "Out of the Fog" workbook (e-book in pdf form) can only be purchased by clients of certified clinicians trained in the "Out of the Fog" programme.  The e-book can be purchased from our store directly but clients must indicate which certified clinician they are seeing as the e-book is designed to be used alongside group or individual therapy.  Our price is $20 per e-book and a private link will be sent to certified trainers to pass on to their clients.

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